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Apart from general orthopaedic medicine, we are the leading clinic in East Africa for state-of-the-art therapeutic knee and shoulder arthroscopic and arthroplasty (joint replacement) procedures and surgery of the knee and hip.

Our clinic also provides conservative management of various orthopaedic conditions such as platelet rich plasma injections for entesopathies.

The clinic collaborates with other specialists like spine surgeons to whom we refer complex orthopaedic spine conditions.

Great Words about Upper Hill Orthopaedic Clinic

Why Do People Love Us?

"It’s been a journey of fighting hopelessness and with the surgical efforts and advice of Prof Byakika, I’ve been able to enjoy a sport I love again. A nasty knee injury made me believe I was done and out. Even after the assurance of the knee being taken care of, I was doubtful. It was only after the procedure and long period of dedicated physiotherapy that I started believing football was alive in me. It’s been 2 years and I can safely say I can play the game. It feels great. Renewing. I feel the joy of a child. It’s an honor to have been his patient."

Mgasu Lugadiru

"The operation was successful and I went home after 3 days. After 2 months of physiotherapy I was back to work with no pain. I wish Dr. Byakika God’s blessings in all his endeavors since he has helped me get rid of the pains that were really affecting me and now I am able to live a pain-free normal life."

Wanjiru M.

"I was in the hospital for 4 days after which I was discharged. It took about a month to fully recover. After 3 months, I resumed work. The pain that I had experienced for the last 3 years was gone! It was a miracle. I would strongly recommend Dr. Byakika to all patients out there suffering from arthritis."

Beatrice W.

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